If Arisha actually turns out to be the canon spelling, I’m going to eat TWO hats.

I’ll eat ten more if she’s called Arisha even in the localization.

Like this is a really blatant example of Japanese people messing up their Rs and Ls, I’m shocked that everyone I’ve seen talking about this so far is taking her name at face value.

Magazine scans from Dengeki PlayStation Magazine finally reveal what seem to be the proper English names and spellings for the characters of Tales of Zestiria.

"Seem" to be?

Bruh, one of the names is Arisha. The other ones are probably right on with maybe the exception of Typoleo, but

Come on Abyssal Chronicles, that one was an obvious mistake for obvious reasons.


Tales of Zestiria Official Character Name Spellings According to Dengeki PlayStation Magazine »

  • Slay -> Sorey
  • Alicia -> Arisha
  • Mikulio -> Mikleo
  • Edna -> Edna
  • Dezel -> Dezel
  • Lyla -> Lailah
  • Zabida -> Zaveid

Considering that one of the names is “Arisha” (Japan mixes up Ls and Rs all the time) and the official website had “Slay” listed as a romanization for a while, these should probably be taken with a grain of salt for the time being.

Mikleo also looks like a typo, but I guess we’ll just have to see what happens there.



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Really, I don’t mind all the environment plots. After all, we’ve had a million of these plots shoved down our throat by now and the world still doesn’t understand that, if you keep polluting the air, a giant space octopus is going to come down and devour your planet!

Gotta keep being hamfisted about this until the fans learn their goddamn lesson. Destroy all Blastia 2k14, and write to your state representative today about how important it is to call on the spirits for alternative energy sources. Don’t be afraid to be a world tree hugger, Martel’s great at giving hugs back!