I am so glad. This poor mother has been battling the evil of anime for months now and I think things are turning around for her.

stazcbloodsan replied to your post “I’m going to laugh so hard if Atlus reveals more information later on…”

idk boring to me is the wrong term? He’s plain which imo is best for the persona series? they should look well pretty normal like anyone else. But i love the hair mostly.

Hmm… yeah, that’s definitely true.

I took another look at him and yeah, I agree; his wavy hair is A++ even though he’d be a bit too plain without it

Still plain enough to look like your average Persona protagonist tho, so my statement stands



The rightmost shackle is broken

What does this mean

free him



So I found this link on Facebook and thought I’d crosspost it here because really what is even going on here. These people are like “73% of this isn’t going to ALS!” Uh? Patient and community services, public and professional education, and research make up 78% of of their budget. And then another 17% is going to fundraising. That IS going to help people with ALS. Jesus Christ, not all of it has to go to research. But when people complain that the majority of the money isn’t going towards research while ignoring that it’s going towards HELPING PEOPLE WITH ALS just makes it sound like they don’t actually care about disabled people. They just want us to stop existing.

Like, don’t get me wrong, ALS isn’t necessarily a perfect organization. But complaining that the majority doesn’t go to research ignores the reality of disability and that disabled people need more than just nebulous “research” to improve their lives.

Go hate on Autism Speaks if you’re worried about organizations not doing what they should with their money.



Some of the anime shots included!

I’m going to laugh so hard if Atlus reveals more information later on and this dude turns out to be one of your party members/a villain/some other important NPC instead of the (male) protagonist

As far as I can tell, Atlus hasn’t actually outright said that he’s the protag, but just about everywhere I go people are assuming without question that he is.

Really, it’s easy to see why. He’s generic as hell, was the first character revealed to the public, just walks around without saying anything…. If he WASN’T the protagonist, that would be a pretty funny prank on Atlus’ part.

His design is pretty boring, though, so if he’s not a protagonist I hope he’s just something like the protag’s brother or cousin or whatever. It will undoubtedly be a strong family resemblance, after all!

(silently hopes that’s not the protagonist they showed us in the trailer because it would REALLY suck if Atlus made this game without a female protag, considering that it’s being made after P3P came out)

(and showing the dude protag without a girl counterpart’s a pretty big hint that there may not be a girl option)