Wow, I didn’t know FMA stood for “Fuck, My Arm!”


holy shit if you read “mentally ill people with violent tendencies deserve support” and from that you take away “mentally ill people have a free pass to be violent towards you” you OBVIOUSLY have some shit to unpack in regards to how you think about mentally ill people and what support means


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Yeah. Was something I really liked, and the reasons for it were cute too (Ludger copying everyone and Richard settling back in. cute.) Don’t remember the others getting artes. Oh Sophie did right? i don’t remember graces much. but yeah I’d like that

Everyone in Graces did the copying thing, from what I remember/was told! (I last played Graces shortly after getting Hubert bc I got frustrated trying to beat the optional boss fight with him and I accidentally forgot about the game….. whoops)

While I was playing….. Sophie definitely did, I think Asbel did some as well. I also think I remember either Pascal being copied or Pascal copying other people, but I can’t remember for sure.



are you from tennessee? because you’re the only



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I hope so. Like I said with my other reply I loved the reward feeling with xillia’s titles. I guess we’ll see as time goes on. i just definitely do not want graces’ titles. THAT felt impersonal

……Ohhhh. It’s IMpersonal, not UNpersonal. No wonder my usage of the word looked wrong.


Although we could still take a page from Graces’ book and allow Zestiria characters to learn each other’s Artes. That was absolutely ADORABLE when some of the titles in Graces let you do that, especially since the descriptions specifically said that they were copying each other

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about xillia’s titles, I would like personal titles and xillia’s titles personally. xillia’s titles were given as rewards for accomplishments. personal titles could be too just given at the same time like the trophy titles, yeah?

Yeah, definitely! Don’t fix what’s not broken, after all, even if the “not broken thing” in question came about from erroneous fixing in the first place!

And, the accomplishment titles could award some grade as well, like I was saying earlier. Character titles could have another reward; hopefully not one that you’d have to look up online before you realized the benefit even existed though (lookin at u Abyss)

Yee I’d like old titles back. Not looking forward to grade grinding tho. Always so tedious. And it looks like they only got 2 from that dragon fight so there might not be boss bonuses like abyss had. or they lost it all but hmm

There may still be other ways to get grade, though. For example, maybe the titles still give you grade when you get them?

Tales gameplay has really leveled up over the past few years even with a few silly choices here and there, so hopefully they’ll find a way to make things less tedious!

Well, “risu” means squirrel, so it’s something about a Squirrel Squirrel Dance? If you give me the timestamp, I might be able to glean some more.

Oh, that’s definitely what they meant then. There’s squirrels roaming the field in the background on the map, and you fight squirrel-like enemies too.

The skit starts at 1:45, and ends at 2:42!